Tamar Braxton just released a new podcast and due to this, she attracted most of the followers and fans by this podcast and the user can check below that what she actually said and how the fans reacted.

Tamar Braxton wrote these lines ‘How ya’ll feel about dead people? Like…could you live in a house that has a morgue in the basement? Well, according to Ms Debbie Bernard from the hit @Netflix reality series “Buried By The Bernards” … she ain’t about that life! And I can’t lie…I ain’t either…however, I do believe her when she says “the spirits be talking!”’

And later on, she continued as ‘I must say I fell in love with this family – they have amazing family values and know the meaning of building a sustainable family business. Tune in to the full episode on your favorite podcast platform… #underconstruction #ucwithtamar.’ and by the same line, she captioned her latest post.

A follower said that: ‘no you didn’t get them on the podcast ?I love that show,’ and another follower posted this: ‘That lady crazy! She telling you what SHE thinks they saying ?’

One of the follower after that said that: ‘When they shot the commercial I thought I was gone need one of those packages ? hilarious,’ and someone else posted this: ‘This series is so good I finished it so quick I hope they get more seasons. I like the uncle.’

One of the fans said that: ‘If I hear a dead person talking, I must be dead to cause wtf you mean “When is your service?!”’ and one other follower posted this: ‘ the mother funny asf.. but I’m good on working in a funeral gone! Nope?’

After that one of the followers posted that: ‘I’ve heard people say that dead bodies do moan from gas being expelled from their bodies through the mouth. At least that what I would tell myself if I ever worked at a funeral home?’

The lady addressed the gift of peace and the fans can see her message mentioned below and by the same message, she captioned one of the latest posts.

The caption suggests that: ‘The gift of Peace God gave me allows me to literally shake ANYTHING that does not serve me AWF‼️‼️❤️ I gave it to God, went to sleep, and woke up just.Like.This????? tune into another BOMB episode of #underconstruction? with @therealdrjackie pt2 #stayunderconstruction,’

And that’s all was the update about Tamar Braxton

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