In the recent development, it was seen that US Border Patrol officers had arrested a 16-year-old boy. He is a US citizen who is living near the US-Mexico border in San Diego. All these started when the boy got charged to smuggle methamphetamine with the help of his remote-control car. 

All this came to picture on Sunday when the police crack this racket and its way of trafficking. It is an age-old racket, and always smugglers come up with new kinds of ideas to get the drug supplied across the border. 

How do these happen?

As per US Customs and Border Protection, officers said in a statement that they first noticed a person walking near the secondary border wall after midnight. He is seen to be ducking in and out of the action so that he can get save from the eyes of agents. 

After this incident, the officers notified the Border Patrol, and they start to search for the smuggler. After a brief search, they found a boy hiding in the thick bush near the border. After that, they seek the boy and found two large black duffel bags and a remote-control car. 

After a brief interrogation, the Border Patrol team find nearly 50 packages of methamphetamine in the bags. It is a 55-pound haul, and the estimated value is more than $106,000. After all these findings, the teen too got arrested, and then they get detained at the nearby police station. 

As per CBPs San Diego Sector chief patrol agent, Douglas Harrison said in a statement that he is incredibly proud of the agents, and it is heightened vigilance and due to hard work to stop the smugglers and able to catch a considerable haul too. This incident is described as same as that the event occurs in the year 2017 with a drone. 


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