Texas is undergoing severe climatic changes that have resulted in new federal funds to pay for climate change research. Congressman Lloyd Doggett revealed this information. He disclosed that $2 million had been used for a project better to protect Texas aquifers, rivers, and lakes and figure out how to deal with dwindling water supplies.

A statement marked by Rep. Doggett, (D) 35th District of Texas reads, “I think we have some very serious challenges. This will provide tools that many local governments don’t have today to plan and adapt to the climate crisis.”

To understand the severity of the situation, Congressman Doggett decided to take a glass-bottom boat tour of Spring Lake to see the impact of climate change on Texas water. This tour, provided by
Texas State University offers a unique underwater view of how droughts and low water flows are changing the state.

Doggett continued, “I think that we will see Texas become much more like the Sonoran Desert as the heat continues to go up.’

Due to these climatic changes, it is found that June’s sizzling temperatures have pushed the water level at Spring Lake down about a foot in San Marcos.

The Executive Director and Chief Water Policy Officer at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Robert Mace, remarked that while they toured the lake, they saw very few of those areas to be bubbling. Then they saw a scum on top of where usually there would be a field of sand, and its reason is the low flows.

This $2 million project will provide much-needed local and state climate information to help Texas figure out how to protect the state’s water.

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