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The sixth episode, named ‘Zo,’ is an animated reenactment of the eponymous character’s night, depicting her psychological problems in all their comic and bizarre brilliance. The central mystery of ‘The Afterparty’ is well underway, and Detective Danner, having exhausted all other possibilities, decides to question the seemingly harmless-looking Zoe.

Of course, when she tells her narrative, and we witness “Big Momma Bear Zoe,” the soft-spoken single mother loses her innocence. We also learn why Zoe seems to be attracted to both the showy Xavier and the clumsy Aniq at the same time. Let’s take a deeper look at ‘The Afterparty’ episode 6 to see how far we’ve progressed in unraveling the mystery. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Afterparty Episode 6
The episode begins with Zoe being led into the recording studio/interrogation room, claiming a “confession.” She tells her story about how her “wild side” almost literally controlled her for most of the evening. As her account of the night’s events progresses, we see more facets of Zoe’s personality emerge.

In the flashback, Wild Zoe finds that her classmates are still uncomfortable around her because of her recent divorce (with Brett). “Good” Zoe quickly regains control, and she soon finds herself in the school bleachers with Aniq. We saw this scene from Aniq’s point of view in episode 1, and now we see it through Zoe’s.

When she discovers Brett has left their children alone, our heroine’s enormous, protective, Momma-Bear personality comes to life, and she races to locate her children, leaving a trail of damage in her wake. Aniq is forgotten, and Wild Zoe takes control and flirts with Xavier. Fortunately, it will only be a matter of time before she learns that Aniq is the only one who cares for her. As the animated story concludes, Zoe emerges from Xavier’s chamber and reconciles with Chelsea’s estranged friend.

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