This Tuesday, the American heart Association disclose a list in which there are 10 key components that can make up healthy eating habits for the heart.

Let’s see what are those 10 diet habits:

1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: Studies showed that if you have fruits and vegetables daily then it will be very beneficial for your heart.

2. Maintain a healthy weight throughout life: It means you should take a balanced diet and do physical activities daily.

3. Use liquid non-tropical plant oils: It means you should use soybean, corn, olive, canola, sunflower oil, and safflower. You should not use lard, partially hydrogenated fats, coconut oil, and butter.

4. Healthy Source Of Protein: It means you take protein maximum from the plants like soybean, and legumes.

5. Always choose whole grains: You should eat whole grains such as brown rice.

6. Minimize intake of sugar: It means you should minimize the intake of sugary foods and drinks. Added sugars in food and drinks increase the chances of type 2 diabetes.

7. Choose un-processed food: You should always intake un-processed food, in processed food, there are added sugars, colors, preservatives, fats and etc. Which are not good for the heart.

8. Choose food with less salt: You should eat that kind of food in which the salt is less or it will be great if there is no salt in the food.

9. Limit or leave Alcohol: Alcohol is not good for the heart, you should limit alcohol consumption or leave it.

10. You should stick with this guidance, This list can make a difference between unhealthy and healthy life.

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