Lanch Of The S21 Series Without Charger And Headset
source: The Indian Express

Lanch Of The S21 Series Without Charger And Headset

Lanch Of The S21 Series Without Charger And Headset. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is planning to launch the mobile phone without a charger and the headset like apple’s new iPhone 12 launch. The excitement of the launch of the S21 has gone down after hearing the news that just like apple now Samsung is also not providing the charger and the headset.

Firstly, apple was in the lead in the market in order to launch the mobile without the charger and the headset. The move made by Samsung may impact the market for apple and it’s the environment.

The lead follows that the Samsung company is going to launch the 3 variations of the mobile phone that will be the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As the sale of the S21 series will start from the upcoming week in Brazil and it confirms the news that the series will be launched without the charger and the headset.

The reports from Korea stated that Samsung has confirmed the launch of the s21 series without the charger and the headset but the news for the cable is et to be confirmed whether it will be provided or not.

The new scheme will give a better position to the Samsung charging and wireless audio products in the market and the same of that could be seen in the air buds pro launched by Samsung a few months ago.

As the benefit will be there that by reducing the size of the boxes of the products more of it could be shipped in one time more than the Number earlier.

Without the debate to occur of the other mobile phones, it will be certain that Samsung will not be the last company to launch a mobile without the charger. Moreover, the companies will try to reduce more size of the box.

For it’s worth Samsung has already started to provide the USB-C ports in the mobile phones and the ports provide the fast charging facility and the jack is also not damaged in a few years.

That’s all is the news about the new s21 series that is going to be launched in Jan 2021 and the price of the series may start from INR 60,000 TO INR 90,000.

The Samsung S21 series may prove to be the next best mobile phone you should buy for yourself.

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