The superhero scanner most awaited three-hour, The Batman, which has just hit the theatres, is already in line to cross 700 million dollars on the global account. The DC comic-based story has already added a 13.4 million dollar deposit internationally on a total of 361 million. The Matt Reeves direction has achieved the milestone of 710.5 million dollars. The film has a massive jackpot in store for Matt Reeves as it is just 100,000 dollars away from becoming his number one.

“I have one power, I never give up.” – Batman.

After one thought that nothing could beat the cast and the plot of the previously released superhero stories, Batman made its way to people’s hearts and minds in the post-pandemic world. This is a biggie for the WB. The movie hit the global box office with a bang, but it also left the December release Spiderman- No Way Home long behind in the race. And that is not all, and it has become the No.1 grossing film of 2022.

The movie moves along the line of the famous New Hollywood Movement of the 1970s and takes the audience back to the masterpiece of a film, Noir. It is said to be more of a tense psychological and mind-game thriller rather than revolving around the heroic acts of a heroic character.

The WB production is just one step behind the 2014 release Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, becoming Reeves’s top global grossing hit with only 100,000 dollars left to cross.

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