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It is dream come true for The Beatles’ worshipers, the band’s final live performance will be made available on all streaming platforms for the first time on 28 January, marking its 53rd anniversary to the day it was first recorded. Allowing fans to hear to entire gig.

On an afternoon of January 30, 1969, the iconic band of Beatles climbed to the rooftop of their Apple Records headquarters, where they performed. This is the first-ever release of the Roof show in the wake of the Peter Jackson docuseries ‘Get Back’ and the expanded special edition of the box set of ‘Let It Be’.

Giles Martin said in an interview with Rolling stone, “We wanted to put it on the box set. But it just took up too much real estate. It’s 40 minutes, so it didn’t make any sense. But the response to Get Back has been so extraordinary.”

He continued “There was such an overwhelming request; why don’t we have this? That’s why we did it. I think this is more of a historical document for fans. I’ve made it so fans can listen to everything I have, really. I cut off a bit at the end, which is basically just wind noise, and that’s it. I mixed the whole thing from start to finish in its entirety.”

The film of the Event is also released, there will be a screening event in 80 IMAX theatres in the U.S. and U.K. on January 30. Martin explained, “The film adds a new level of appreciation to the audio. It’s contextualized, You listened differently, probably with more empathy, in a way. Some of the performances are great, while some of the performances aren’t the best performances ever.

But it’s historical and it’s got a vibe to it. People can tune in more with that vibe because they’ve seen what it was like up there. There’s something more intimate about listening to it.”

The whole tracklist will include.

Get Back (Take 1)
Get Back (Take 2)
Don’t Let Me Down (Take 1)
I’ve Got a Feeling (Take 1)
One After 909
Dig a pony
Jam/God Save The Queen
I’ve Got a Feeling (Take 2)
Don’t Let Me Down (Take 2)
Get Back (Take 3)

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