Reconfiguring Certain keys In The Future MacBook

Apple’s MacBook keyboards always seemed to have a style that no other company could think of. So, this time also the MacBook had a stylish and a finicky keyboard. The sources sad that apple will be applying some of the magic keyboards in the future. Reconfiguring Certain keys In The Future MacBook. The Cupertino tech giant is working with Apple in order to launch a new MacBook keyboard with the magic and is trying to able to reconfigure the old keys of the MacBook that the user liked the most.

The patent right of the “Electronic devices having keys with coherent fiber bundles” states that Apple might launch the keyboard with magic and the main focus is to reconfigure the keys as the user likes the most. The statement sounds like a touch bar but only for the keys.

The feature of the touch bar will allow the users to reconfigure the keyboard according to the need of the user. The feature will be a great advantage for the gamers and the content writers who write in a different language. But the feature of this doesn’t excite me as the feature is usable by a lot only by gamers, video editors, and programmers.

Now we come to the working of the keyboard

Now the apple is working on this feature and has named this feature as dynamic labels for keys. the display of the MacBook will be either OLED displays, electrophoretic displays, or any other kind of display components. These dynamic labels will help the user to reconfigure the keys according to his/her work and after that arrange the keys back at their original spaces.

It will be greater help for Apple as the company after that is not required to launch the region-specific MacBooks. Only gamers and creators will be helpful from this feature as they could reconfigure the keys according to the functions they want to perform.

The image below shows all the possible ways of reconfiguring the keys both internally and externally.
 Reconfiguring Certain keys In The Future MacBook
SOURCE: Beebom

As of now, the feature of these keys with the MacBook is only the future and not the reality. Like Apple, if launch such a MacBook then maybe the cost of it will go higher and rill now the users are not ready to pay the higher prices so how will they pay at that time.

So, let’s hope for the best prices and that’s all is the news about the new MacBook that is going to be launched in the future.

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