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Finally WhatsApp has Officially announced that they will be wiping out the accounts of the users who will not accept the privacy and policy of WhatsApp, which will come into effect from May 15.

According to the sources of Galaxy Reporters. it is claimed that WhatsApp will is thinking of giving the time duration to the people who will not accept the privacy and policy of some weeks and if they don’t accept the privacy policy in that duration that WhatsApp will make sure that their accounts will get wiped out as soon as possible.

The company also added a note in the official announcement that states that “If they still don’t accept the terms, “for a short time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but will not be able to read or send messages from the app,” the company added in the note.”

The company also claimed that the time period will be short which means that it will be of few weeks and moreover, the policy of WhatsApp already states that if the user doesn’t use WhatsApp for about 120 days then the account will get deactivated automatically.

As we all know that WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy launch date last month only and now the users have no option and have to accept the policy. Moreover, it was the last month only in which WhatsApp thought of launching the new privacy policy but the update was interrupted by many users so they delayed the launch of the privacy policy.

But the sources also claim that WhatsApp still claims that the messages and calls and all the other things between two users will remain end to end encrypted so that the messages can be encrypted by the users who will be sent from one user to another. Moreover, the main thing that they claim is that all the business messages will not be encrypted and will be recorded and saved by WhatsApp. The company claims that WhatsApp will be using the business messages for commercial purposes just like targeting the ads on Facebook from the data stored on Facebook.

Moreover, the misunderstanding in the minds of the users for the WhatsApp updated privacy and policy most of the users shifted to the rival messaging company just like telegram and signal and both the platforms took the advantage of the situation and advanced the apps with more chat features.

WhatsApp has also claimed that the user need not worry about the data sharing on Facebook or the profile sharing as nothing like that will be done on the launch of the new privacy policy and the profile and the data that will be saved on WhatsApp will not be shared on Facebook.

And now it is expected that In the month of May 2021 an in-app banner will be launched that will state all the privacy and policy changes.

And at the last, it is all about the acceptance of the Privacy policy by the user and then only the user can use the further app in the future and the user will be able to read more privacy and policy by going down to the page.

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