Welp, another season of The Circle, has finally concluded. Just yesterday, it seems like our newest crop of candidates was making their way inside The Circle to fight for the top prize and the title of The Circle season 4 champion.

Now that Season 4 has concluded, the primary debate has switched from who will win the season to whether or not there will be another season.

It’s a subject that frequently arises once a season concludes, and it can go either way for most Netflix series. So, will The Circle season 4 be the final season, or will there be another?

Is The Circle canceled?

Not to worry! While Netflix has been known to terminate popular shows, The Circle has not been canceled and will return for a second season! It’s hardly unexpected given that the series is still one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix, with season 4 standing out as a favorite in the month of its debut.

The Circle season 5 release date

While no release date for The Circle season 5 has been confirmed, we expect it to appear sometime in late 2022.

Last year, Netflix released Season 2 in the spring and Season 3 in the fall. Given that season 4 debuted in late spring, it’s feasible that season 5 will debut between September and November 2022.

We know the season has already been filmed, so it’s simply a matter of when Netflix decides to release the episodes.

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