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One of the Fox crime drama writers, The cleaning lady, told an insider that the Script came from his own experience and real-life stories told to him by his friends.

The cleaning lady is an American crime drama series developed by Miranda Kwok and premiered on Fox on January 3, 2022.

The series is based on the 2017 Argentinian television series La Chica Que Limpia. It features √Člodie Yung as Thony, Adan Canto as Arman, Oliver Hudson as Garrett, Martha Millan as Fiona, Sebastien LaSalle, Valentino LaSalle, Sean Lew, and Faith Bryant.

Previously, The writer of the fifth episode, Eddison Serrano, revealed that he felt “immense pressure” while writing about deportation for the show’s fifth episode.

Serrano said that his partner’s sister, a volunteer in a holding facility in Texas, once saw migrant young girls from the facility make bracelets out of string to give to social workers, guards, and other people in the facility. As a “form of solidarity.”
This idea was used in the fifth episode, where Thony is given a red bracelet before the other people in the facility interact with her.

Serrano said, “This is a heightened version of an FBI agent pulling the bus over, but there’s a story out of Phoenix, Arizona, where these dreamers [young migrants in the process of becoming US citizens] got in front of a deportation bus and wouldn’t move until it backed into the facility,”
He continued, “And then the lawyers were able to kind of come in and try to do what they needed to do to help some of these people.”

The writer further added: “Growing up along the US-Mexican border, I grew up with family and friends that have been detained or that became our guards and work in that world as border patrol agents. So I’ve seen [both] sides of it and I saw the humanity behind it, no matter where you stand or who you are in this sort of apparatus.”

Serrano also revealed that he researched hard before writing the episode.
He said, “To be perfectly honest, I was terrified when I got assigned this episode. I felt this immense pressure to tell it right; the more I got into it, the more it pulled me into this world, which could be dark and depressing. And I had to kind of pull myself out of that and be like ‘okay, how do I tell this story and find the levity in it?'”

“The Cleaning Lady” is available on Fox and Hulu, and it’s worth giving a shot.

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