Star War
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Star War franchise created more space enthusiasts than any other movie or even space development. As the last chapter of the franchise, The Rise of Skywalker will release on the 20th of December in 2019, here is a comparison of the reel planets and their real-life counterparts. 

Mustafar and TIKOO-SCHANTZ

Mustafar, a volcanic planet in the Star War franchise, had caught a lot of attention among the public. You will surprise to listen that the same kind of exoplanet exists in our galaxy, Milky Way, and scientists call it TIKOO-SCHANTZ. The exoplanet is also a volcanic planet, similar to the Mustafar. The planet is similar to lo, one of the moons of Jupiter. The surface temperature is so high that no one would survive on this planet. SCHAEFER is also another planet having the same property as Mustafar. The massive temperature is the result of its positioning extreme close to the sun. 

Hoth and LAPOTRE

Hoth was an icy cold planet in the Star War franchise. The planet was very famous as this was one of the bases of the rebels in the movie. LAPOTRE is one such planet where the temperature of the planet is extremely low. One can even compare the planet to the Snowball Earth when the earth was experiencing extreme cold during the ice age. Like Hoth, the earth also had a rocky surface, covered with the ice. As the color of the surface was white, it reflected most of the sunlight; as a result, the temperature of the planet reduced further. 

Several other things exist in the movies, such as asteroid field, which were completely unrealistic. According to scientists, there is a significant distance between the two nearest asteroid belts. But, the movie inspires many to explore the unexplored universe further. It generated massive interest in space across the globe. But, one day, the complicacy in the known universe might surpass the reel fantasies. 

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