The Consultant, a brand-new program, should be your focus if you’re hunting for a workplace drama with a twist. The Consultant is inspired by one of the top American authors of horror fiction, Bentley Little’s book, with the same title. The new series features Christoph Waltz as Regus Patoff, and yes, he is what you’d imagine him to be based on what you have seen in the past.

The Consultant’s official trailer debuted on January 3, 2023. The story starts with a distorted mirror image of Regus Patoff preparing to tell his staff about their upcoming adventure. Craig and Elaine, two employees, are shocked by his weird, intimidating, and caring attitude. Yet, since they can’t let go of this frighteningly powerful man, they are pulled into a fast-paced computer company and involved in illegal operations.

The series has a variety of mystery and thriller elements that leave viewers engaged in what would happen next. Still, the season finale’s ending can be challenging to follow if you weren’t fully paying attention to certain plot lines earlier in the season.

Will The Consultant be available on Netflix?

One may binge-watch the entire new season of The Consultant. Unfortunately, Netflix does not provide it for streaming.

The only way to enjoy this Amazon Original Series is on Prime Video. It’s doubtful that the show will exit the Amazon streaming service. There is no reason for Amazon to take down its original program. A few streaming services are doing this, but Amazon isn’t one of them.

You may register for a one-month free trial of Prime Video. The subscription is then paid either annually or monthly, depending on your preferred option. With a yearly subscription, you may obtain it for a little less expensive.

Image Credit – Amazon Prime Video

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