The first Kuwaiti-produced Netflix original, “The Exchange,” is a drama that highlights the injustice that women have experienced throughout history. The drama seriescenters on the 1980s travels of cousins Farida and Munira. The two ladies are eager to take up professions in Kuwait’s hectic stock exchange and find complicated math to be no problem.

They struggle with attitudes as they hope to create their mark in an industry that men mainly control. According to the synopsis, the two major protagonists, Farida and Munira, will prove they can keep up in a “cutthroat” workplace. According to Netflix, they will go on a journey demonstrating sisterhood, persistence, ambition, and courage.

Nadia Ahmad, Anne Sobel, and Adam Sobel are the writers and creators of the newest television series. Abdullah Boushahri is the producer, and Jasem Al-Muhanna and Karim El Shenawy are the directors.

Full Cast list of the series “The Exchange” is below:

Rawan Mahdi plays Farida, a divorcee and hardworking mother who has been out of labor for almost a decade. Munira, Farida’s cousin, is portrayed by Mona Hussain. She is devoted to her job as a Clerk for the Bank of Tomorrow’s Trading Department at the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

  • Rawan Mahdi as Farida
  • Mona Hussain as Munira
  • Mohammed Almansour
  • JasemAlnabhan
  • Hussain Almahdi
  • Faisal Alamiri
  • Maryam Alsalih
  • EsmahanTawfiq
  • Hasan Ibraim
  • Abdullah Bahman
  • Shabnam Khan
  • Huda Alkhateeb
  • Rayan Dashti
  • Mohammed AlKazimii
  • Zahra Alkharji
  • Mustafa Ashkanani
  • Abbas Khulaifi
  • Saoud Boushahri

The six-episode series is scheduled to premiere on February 8, 2023. Although the drama is in Arabic, there are subtitles. The entire event was produced and shot in Kuwait.

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