Showtime released the first lady trailer. It gives us an up-close look at Gillian Anderson as one of America’s most influential first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt.

This series will air on Showtime every week. Susanne Bier directs the series, and the series star Davis as executive producer along with Cooley. The first episode, titled {The White House}, will air on Showtime on the 17th of April 2022. The attack was written by Cooley and created by Aaron Cooley.

The trailer shows Anderson slightly unidentifiable in costume as Roosevelt, sitting shyly on a chair. The trailer then moves us to her younger self, played by Eliza Scanlem, sitting in the corner at a party, only to be addressed by her future husband, Franklin. A short clip of the First Lady also gives us a glimpse into the complexity of Eleanor’s life, both politically and personally. She is shown in ceremonies of the highest stakes and being asked to speak about the issues surrounding the common household chore of dusting, which she rebukes.

The series will undoubtedly dive into the facets of Eleanor’s life, from having a complicated relationship with her husband, one of America’s most powerful presidents, to her journey towards manifesting her role within the Roosevelt Whitehouse. Eleanor is undoubtedly a character worthy of the dramatic probe, as she stands as both the niece of Theodore Roosevelt and the wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Her journey from the orphaned daughter of Theodore’s wayward brother to being one of the most influential architects of the United Nations, Eleanor’s life is nothing if not remarkable.

This series will not stop at Eleanor Roosevelt. It is compendium series that will cover the lives of several first ladies throughout history, looking into their lives as the first lady and their journey towards the title. Other first ladies set to be covered are Michelle Obama and Betty Ford. Viola Davis will be playing the character of Obama, and Michelle Pfieffer will be playing the character of Ford. Dakota Fanning is playing the role of Susan Ford, daughter of Betty and Gerald Ford.

The First Lady (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

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