Biggest Problem In Airpods Max
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As we all know that the AirPods Max has been the best product in the market overall Airpods and has given great sales to Apple in the last few months and is still giving. Despite being the high price of $550 in the market, the Max Airpods proved to be the best but at the same time, one thing was there that proved to be a Biggest Problem In Airpods Max

The main problem that the users faced in the Airpods max was the draining of the battery. Some of the users back in Jan after the launch of the AirPods max reported that the battery dropped to 0% from 70% overnight that made users think that the Max Airpods are not battery durable and the users need to charge them every 5 hrs so, this might fall some amount of sales by the users for the Apple.

As of now, according to the sources of the Galaxy Reporters, now Apple has fixed the issues it and now Apple has updated its firmware update and anecdotal reports that may suggest a big improvement to the user.

Moreover along with all this famous tech writer Jason Cipriani Also tweeted that “I don’t have fancy charts, but I’m seeing the same thing. Latest firmware for AirPods Max fixed the battery drain.”

Moreover, the problem of the battery drain was due to the design of the AirPods Max that the system doesn’t have the power button and cannot be turned by the user but instead of that the Airpods go into low power mode when removed off or when moved to the bundled case of the AirPods Max.

And moreover after an extended period of inactivity of the Airpods Max the device goes into more of the low power mode than the earlier and now Apple has worked on that thing and that might be confusing for the others but once done then it is easy to use.

Moreover, now on the part of the battery bug, sources of the galaxy reporters suggest that ultra-low battery back up mode of the AirPods max which earlier was 18 hrs has now shifted to 30 minutes which becomes the best part. Along with all this, the sources also found out that there will be no such crashes in the future and the Airpods will get easily connected to the iOS 14.5.

Now the user let know that how to actually update the Airpods Max if purchased earlier

As of now, there is no such option of manually updating the Airpods and they come up with the firmware that comes available. But will get an update when the Airpods will get connected to the charger or to the iPhone via Bluetooth or any other thing. First of all the user has to head to the settings app and then the user has to go to the Bluetooth option. Then the Airpods Max will be shown in the list of the available devices and then the user has to press I for the Airpods that will appear next to the available device.

And now after the connection, the user will get the firmware connection option and then the user has to click on that option and after that, the Airpods Max will appear. And now when the option will show 3C39 written and then the thing will mean that the Airpods Max has updated. And now at final Apple claims that they have fixed the Biggest Problem In Airpods Max


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