Season 2 Episode 6 of The Flight Attendant, titled ‘Brothers & Sisters,’ is mainly about the sheer unmatch of the Bowden family. Cassie returns with her brother Davey to New York state to visit their mother’s house.

This time Lisa Bowden sees her daughter after quite a while, and all her suppressed anger and frustration towards Cassie comes out of her.

Similarly, Megan reunites with her family, but it is not for long. Cassie’s mysterious doppelganger sneaks into her house, with Max and Annie being present in that house. It, however, appears that Dot starts to suspect that Ben has gone rogue.

As Annie and Max return from their adventurous journey of breaking into the home of the Diazes, they find Cassie suffering the consequences of her breakdown. The two of them help their friend out the best way they can, but they know as much as Cassie does that unless the underlying trauma is addressed that has led her to drink, things will forever be stuck in the limbo for her. That’s what Cassie ends up doing while visiting her mother. Right after the flight attendant has shut the door, Cassie starts telling Davey about her relapse and her problems.

After that extended dramatic break, the episode returns to its main mystery thriller theme as Cassie and Davey successfully evade the North Koreans and take the flight back to Los Angeles. Davey decides that his boring life with his partner and children is preferable to whatever is happening in his sister’s life.

Megan visits her family and feels that she can’t return to her old life. Bill, however, has made a deal with the FBI for Eli’s sake. He has promised that he will contact the agency if his wife ever shows up.

Cassie’s doppelganger secretly enters her home and leaves the weapon with which she murdered the two CIA agents.

The narrative of this episode wants the audience to think of Ben as a suspect. Although Cassie still has faith in her handler, both Shane and Dot express their doubts about her.

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