Experts in the United Kingdom warned this week that fully vaccinated people can catch the new coronavirus and spread it to those living in their houses.

Is it possible for those who have been properly vaccinated to spread COVID at home?According to a new study, people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can transmit the virus in their homes just as much as those who are not.

  • According to BBC News, the chances of someone transferring the coronavirus to unvaccinated people or others in the residence are roughly 38%.
  • If all of the housemates are properly vaccinated, the percentage reduces to 25%.

The researchers published their findings in the medical journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Do those who haven’t been vaccinated need to get vaccinated?

The findings, according to the researchers from the United Kingdom, highlight the necessity of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus in order to remain protected. According to BBC News, experts say that the unvaccinated cannot rely on the fully vaccinated to keep them safe.

According to the Pharma Times, “while vaccines have proved efficiency in protecting patients against severe COVID-19 sickness and death, they are less effective at preventing infections.” “This is because new variants have emerged across the UK, particularly the dominant and highly infectious Delta variant.”

How the coronavirus affects those who have been properly immunized

The study comes as more information about how the coronavirus affects people who have been properly immunized becomes available. For example, Oxford University researchers claim that fully vaccinated persons can suffer from “long COVID-19,” a condition in which people suffer from COVID-19 adverse effects for an extended period of time.

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