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History and fiction continue to go together most intriguingly in ‘The Gilded Age’ episode 5, titled ‘Charity Has Two Functions.’ Bertha (Carrie Coon) agrees to Gladys’ request for a lady’s maid and welcomes Archie Baldwin to their house, the young man her daughter is interested in. Here’s a quick recap of Episode 5 of ‘The Gilded Age.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of The Gilded Age Ep 5

According to Agnes van Rhijn, Charity serves two purposes in polite society. The first is to raise finances for those in need, while the second acts as a social ladder for ambitious people. The truth is, everyone interested in this kind of undertaking is well aware of it, just as the people in ‘The Gilded Age’ are. Clara Barton understands why Bertha Russell showed interest in the Red Cross and visited her in Dansville, New York, founded the organization’s first branch in 1881. She also sees what Aurora stands to gain from introducing Bertha to her. She enjoys the transactional aspects of these deals since they eventually benefit the people she is attempting to help.

Gladys Russell, the matriarch of the Russell family, continues to break her mother’s restrictions. George (Morgan Spector) tells his wife that such a rigorous approach to their kid may endanger their child’s safety, but he usually keeps out of it. Mrs. Bruce convinces Bertha to hire Adelheid as Gladys’ lady maid, and Adelheid, a girl Gladys’ age, is raised to the job. Meanwhile, Oscar (Blake Ritson) and Ms. Turner (Kelley Curran) become acquainted and collaborate to achieve their mutual aims.

Bertha meets Ward McAllister for the first time at Aurora Fane’s residence. Marian and Raikes are both also there to keep the discussion going. Everyone in the room quickly realizes that Bertha and McAllister are cut from the same fabric. They are both ambitious, vicious in their ways, and quite realistic regarding money.

Marian and Peggy rekindle their relationship, but only after establishing specific rules. Mother of Peggy pays a visit to the Brooks and asks Marian to ask Peggy to return to her own family in Brooklyn. Agnes sends Peggy with Marian to Dansville to speak with Barton. They accompany Bertha and Aurora, and Raikes joins the party as well. In Dansville, Barton gladly offers Peggy an interview. Later that evening, Marian and Raikes kiss, but Peggy cuts short before it develops into something more.

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