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The relationship between the United States and China is going to be complicated after the recent move by the United States Congress. A bill supporting the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has passed from both the houses and going before President Trump as early as Thursday. The sensitive move might affect the ongoing trade deal between the two largest economies in the world. 

Once the President signs in the bill, it will become an act. After the sanction from President Trump, the government will put sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations in Hong Kong. The House of Representatives passed the bill with whopping support of 417-1 votes on Wednesday. Previously, the law was passed unanimously in Senate. Though the House of Representatives passed a similar kind of bill earlier, it accepted the Senate version. As both the houses passed the bill, now the bill will move to the President’s desk. If President Trump approved the bill, it would become a law, but subject to annual review. 

Discussion on the Bill

While discussing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, said that if the United States takes no action against the human rights violation in Hong Kong for commercial interests with China, then the country will lose the moral authority to speak on human rights elsewhere. 

Theoretically, the bill got a veto-proof majority in Congress. As a result, even if President Trump vetoes it, it will become an act. But, sources revealed that President Trump is also supporting the bill, which makes things difficult for China. 

President Trump previously described the partial deal as historic. But while attending an event in Apple’s manufacturing unit in Texas, he criticized China for not stepping up to the agreement. 

China’s state-owned media house criticized the development of powerful words. The termed the bill as waste paper.

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