iPhone 11: The Most Activated Phone

As we all know that all of Apple’s market is very big in India. Being the superior in the market and the best choice for all of them and this year also the apple left no space for the competitors in the market. iPhone 11: The Most Activated Phone. The most reliable source states that the 9 out of 10 mobile phones on Christmas were the iPhones with the latest and old model but the most was the iPhone 11 that were listed in the last year.

The analytics firm, Flurry Analytic, the analytics firm for the use of mobile phones recently published a story about the activation of mobile phones. The story stated that the activation of the mobile phones in a huge number was on Christmas among which the iPhones were the most activated.

Besides, the fact that this time there was a slight decrease in the usage of the phone that was 23% year-over-year (YoY) decline in the usage of the phone. But still, the use of the iPhone among the activated phones was huge.

As per the reports, every 9 out of 10 phones were the iPhones that include all the iPhone models. About 50% of the iPhones were the latest launched iPhones that were activated the iPhone 12 and its other two versions. But the iPhone 11 was in 1st place in the activation on Christmas Day as the sale was also good for the iPhone.

Moreover, the iPhone 11 proved to be the most popular iPhone as the company saw a great change in the sales chart after the launch of the iPhone 11 in September 2019.

Apple Dominance In The Market

Moreover, apple played a game as before the launch of the iPhone 12 it fall the prices of the iPhone 11 and the result of that is the same that this year the activation of the iPhone 11 was the most on the festive days. According to the flurry, that made all the difference amidst this year’s various crises.

iPhone 11: The Most Activated Phone
source: beebom

Moreover, the next thing that comes to mind that the people got sensitive towards the high-priced iPhones. That’s why after the release of the iPhone 11 the price for the iPhone XR and XS fall down which resulted in the sale of the iPhones and due to which the iPhone XR is placed at the 2nd position on terms of the most acted mobile phone on the festive days. Moreover, the iPhone XR is placed as the most valuable mobile phones in the global market.

However, there was a pandemic but still, the iPhone 12 received a great market for the iPhones in the year 2020. Because of all this, the iPhone 12 was the 3rd activated mobile phone in the market on a festive day.

One more point is also there that the flurry points out that being the lowest priced and mini the iPhone 12 mini proved to be a bad start as the mobile phone couldn’t make it to the top 10. Besides this, the other 2 years old phone named LG K30 made it to the top 10 in the year 2020. However, nobody knew this outdated phone but it was on the 9th no. according to the flurry.

But the year 2020 taught us al the things that everything is important and nothing is outdated

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