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The Kingkiller Chronicles is a fantasy Trilogy by American writer Patrick Rothfuss. The first two books, The Name of the Wind and The wise Man’s Fear released in 2007 and 2011. And fans have been ever-waiting for almost a decade to find out what happened to Kvothe, The magician/bard.

Rothfuss has talked about his work on the third book, and he also recently read a prologue for the third part in a live twitch event. It also came to light that Lionsgate acquired the film rights of the series and was considering making it a television show, movie franchise, and video game.

Lin Manuel Miranda, the composer of hit original songs like Hamilton, Encanto, and Moana, was tapped to provide the music for the Kingkiller. But the adaptation of the fantasy trilogy is more complicated than it looks. Miranda updated the fans about his work on the song Twitter. He wrote, “Lay of Sir Savien has me sh*tting my pants. Not ready yet. Already have sketches for lady Lackless and Chadrian rhyming tune, did those for fun from the book.”

But the legendary producer gave updates about how he is not the part of the project he confirmed in a podcast when he was asked about Kingkiller, “Oh I’m not on that ride anymore. It’s an incredible series and Patrick Rothfuss is just like a once-in-a-lifetime talent. We never cracked it. And I don’t know where it is,, but my time on it kind of ran out, and I just was like, I’m sorry I couldn’t get you any closer and help you figure out how this insane russsian nesting doll structure of a book becomes a movie or a TV show.’ But yeah, I’m not on that anymore.”

Well, one thing is for sure the Kingkiller fans are good at is waiting, and they’ll have to be a little more patient to see the masterpiece.

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