‘The Falling Man on Earth’ episode 4, entitled ‘Under Pressure,’ finds Faraday and Justin finally in contact with Origin. Things are tense, as might be expected, and the Flood family has some tremendous impetus. Justin’s surreal journey also continues, with Newton sitting in the background. Let’s also look at the key moments of episode 4 of ‘The Man Who Fell On Earth.

The Man Who Fell On Earth Episode 4 Recap: The episode opens with Faraday, Justin, and the recently fired Origin manager Hatch Flood preparing for their meeting with Edie Flood. As the head of Origin, Edie was advised to agree to a contract to obtain the quantum generator shown by Faraday in a previous episode. The meeting, held in a flooded area, was also attended by Edie’s son, highlighting the artifact left by Newton. Surprised at the same time, Faraday forces the little boy to expose you. The artifact appears to have been recorded by Newton, which contains “Newton’s Song.” In it, Faraday learns of Newton’s tragic time on Earth and how he forgot his wife’s name.

At the time, CIA agent Spencer Clay followed in Newton’s footsteps and found Sister Mary Lou in the old location. He gets emotional when Newton is mentioned and says he had a relationship with him, and he, too, tragically reveals that he got her drunk. So far, Newton has seemed a bit nervous every time we see him.

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