Home Technology The Migration of Data From One Cloud To Another: Wondershare In Cloudz

The Migration of Data From One Cloud To Another: Wondershare In Cloudz

Wondershare In Cloudz

Wondershare In Cloudz
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Wondershare In Cloudz

Wondershare In Cloudz, Now-a-day,s most people are working from home. So, in order to collaborate with the team and the colleagues, they depend on the cloud infrastructure. It help’s us to save the projects and other work so that the entire team could access it. And no wonder that you may be saving most of your work on the cloud networks. So in this article, you will get to know about the easiest and simplest app that I found today on the internet for the saving of the files and projects or for meeting the team and the colleagues.

The app is named Wondershare In Cloudz.

Now lets us know the data transferring of the data from one cloud to another

The cloud storage services are handy when they come to online collaboration, but after some time they also come harder to handle in order when you use such a service. many of them have lost the files and projects in the cloud when not in the sync mode and moreover, the people now are facing problems also which are minor.

after using the Wondershare In Cloudz there was no problem in syncing and also there was no problem in transferring files from one account to another or from one cloud to dropbox. The app worked flawlessly in the transfer and in the syncing process.

Following are some of the features of the Wondershare In Cloudz

1. Seamless Migration Between Different Cloud Services

2. Sync Data Between Different Cloud Storages

3. Manage All Cloud Services and Accounts in One Place

Now we come to the User Interface of the app:-

Once you have download the app then you will see a minimalist UI whose focus is on the function than on the bling. A user always wishes that the app performs all the functions automatically and the same is done by this app that it works on its own after giving a command.

In order to use the best experience of the app, one could log in into the app by the cloud account, or to login into the account one could use the google, Twitter, etc. accounts

After opening the app now you have to select the option that is given above that whether you want to sync or migrate the cloud. after that, the action will be performed by the app and the user has to do nothing.

Once you add the services, then they will be visible in the sidebar and you are able to see the files attached in the cloud storage.

The app is available for both Android and IOS devices. one could use the free version of the app in order to transfer but if you want to use the premium facilities then the cost is around $9.95/month

If you want to pay less then you should opt for the half-yearly or the quarterly payment that is around $19.95 and $59.95 respectively




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