Stalking Feature Of The iPhone
source: The Indian Express

The new version of the iOS 14.5 beta will help the user to analyze the device of its known with the well-known apps as sources confirm that Apple is launching the App in the name of finding my device that will allow the user to analyze the activities done on any device. The app named under find my device will be available for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac devices. The article is about the Stalking Feature Of The iPhone

The settings of this feature are known as safety alerts. The feature appears to be a safety handler for the Air Tags according to the sources of the Galaxy Reporters.

Moreover along with this mayo also tweeted that “If someone secretly hides a tag in your possessions, your phone will notice and warn you about it, The setting is on by default which makes sense, but the fact you can turn it off at all probably means that this fires false positive alerts in some circumstances.”

Moreover, if the user chooses the option of choosing the off option in the settings then the app might show a message to the user displaying a message that will convey to the user that the user will not get to know if someone will have access to his/her device and no notification related to that will be shown there.

Moreover, it is still a rumour related to the Air Tag and Air Tags are still not released in the market and the talk about there safety is still a rumour in the market. Most probably the Air Tag will be used by the users to be attached with the daily things and earlier rumours suggested that the Air Tags will be released with the launch of the iOS 13 only but till now there is no launch of the Air Tags.

Moreover, the Air Tags feature suggest that if the user loses the thing attached to the Air Tag then the user can put the Air Tag to the lost option and then whichever iPhone will pass from there at that time in their iPhone the contact information regarding the Air Tag will be shown and the user can contact the person in order to return his lost things.

Along with this according to the sources, one thing is confirmed that the Air Tags will give a tough competition to the Samsung Tags and Tile’s upcoming ultrawideband tracker. Moreover, the tile device proved to be useful as 2 of the reports were reported by ABC that claims that they were been stalked by someone and they got to know with the help of the device.

So, that’s all was about the Air Tags of the Apple and about the Stalking Feature Of The iPhone of the Apple that is launched and the Air Tags are yet to be launched.



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