As we all know that Facebook ad is the platform that allows the users to brand the company. In today’s world, Facebook ads are the most used platform for the branding and marketing of any company and in context of that now Facebook has launched new monetization features for the ad creators and now is also allowing the users to make FaceBook Short Video Clips on the same platform and could give a tough competition to TikTok which is still an active platform and is still working on its own revenue share programs.

Moreover along with all this according to the sources of the galaxy reporters, it is claimed that Facebook will be giving money to the short video creators which will be as long as one minute only and moreover the company also said that “with a minimally interruptive ad running at 30 seconds”.”For videos three minutes or longer, an ad can be shown 45 seconds in. Previously only three-minute or longer videos could monetize with in-stream ads, with an ad shown no earlier than 1 minute.”

Moreover, now the users will be able to earn from the short clips on Facebook and the thing will lead the users to shift their priority from making the short videos on Tik Tok to Facebook. And moreover, will be providing more monetization options to the Users.

Along with all this, we all know that a one-minute short video is being double the time taken to make a reel video. As of now the criteria for using the monetization options is that the user must make a short one-minute video now it will be easy for the users who make a 30-second video on a regular basis so to make a one-minute video will not be difficult for them. So, it will be difficult for the first-time users to make a one-minute video, and to use the monetization options it will be taken time for them to use the same.

Moreover, the thing will be providing an advantage to the users who really want to diversify their reach. Along with this Facebook also said that “We’re especially focused on short-form video monetization. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin testing the ability for content creators to monetize their Facebook Stories with ads that look like stickers and receive a portion of the resulting revenue. While the initial test is small, we hope to soon expand to more content creators. And then broaden it to short-form videos on Facebook, eventually providing a way for content creators to monetize this popular content.”

The above statement by facebook looks like that the same thing might come to the reels only but it will give exploration of the more ad formats to the users that will allow the users to get more interactions and engagement through rewards.

Moreover, the following points should be fulfilled by a user in order to use the monetization options provided by Facebook:-

1. There should be a total of 600,000 minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads – on-demand, Live, and previously Live – in the last 60 days.

2. Along with this there should be 5 or more active video uploads or previously Live videos. Videos must be published, not deleted, and compliant with our Content Monetization Policies.

Moreover, there will be an addition to the monetization with the use of the live videos and moreover, the same thing will give an opportunity to the freshers also.

According to the sources, Facebook is investing around $7 million in credits in order to promote Stars usage which will allow the users to give more stars to their favorite users and the thing will make them popular on Facebook in that field. Moreover, they have invested around $10 million for the making and development of the FaceBook Short Video Clips

Facebook also said that “Today paid online events are in 20 countries, and we’ll be expanding paid online events to 24 additional countries in the coming weeks: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. From 2019 to 2020, the number of content creators earning the equivalent of $10,000 USD per month grew 88% and content creators earning $1,000 per month grew 94%.”

That’s was all the article about the FaceBook Short Video Clips.

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