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In order to celebrate Safer Internet Day, Google a day earlier has announced that iOS users will be allowed to use Google Fi for all those people who have signed up for the Fi and the others have to sign up in order to use the same VPN network. The users can also secure the data and use the VPN from the smartphones also.

The cost for the Google Fi is around $70 to $20 however the user has to decide the offer has the cost depends upon the usage of the user that how much data he/she wants to secure and how much the user wants to use the VPN. Both the plans of the VPN come with the app and when the user is connected to an unsecured network like public Wi-Fi or anything else then the VPN protects the user from the leaking of the data to any other connection.

Moreover, after bringing the Fi to the iOS google is thinking of launching the same to the android users in the name of the Fi beta so that the android users can also use the Fi in order to save the data from leaking.

Google has also said the following 3 statements:-

We’ve built a list of the best VPN services available
These are the best proxy service providers on the market
Also, check out our roundup of the best antivirus software

As of now Google Fi provides the security of the storage space around 226TB but the users expect that it will provide more of it when the feature will be launch on iOS devices.

Moreover, for more security of the Fi Google is trying to give new privacy and the hub to the Fi to the android users. This new hub created by google will allow the user to know more about Google Fi and will also launch the new features of protecting the data of the user online. The app will also include the Fi VPN and moreover the other tools in order to protect the data of the users.

Moreover, the Fi also protects the user from spam calls and it also gives the user the protection of blocking and texting the unknown users that are on our mobile phone.

That’s all was about the article about the Google Fi app in the new iOS devices

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