After last week’s shocking revelation that the episode “Mortality Paradox” was worth 10 out of 10, we are delighted to see what is being offered this week.

Last week we said that when “Orville” plays with its power, how successful it is. It’s all about the context; it should not be compared to “Star Trek” – not really – any other current sci-fi I.P. Considering the unique combination of drama, action, comedy, music, and memorization – both large and small – in all science fiction and modern pop culture, it should probably be regarded as a sad “Galaxy Quest” T.V. show that I have never discovered. And although this point has been made in the past, it is worth repeating.

And while this week’s installment of the Hulu series (opens in a new tab), titled “Gently Falling Rain” – for reasons to come soon – is very interesting, there are a few reasons why it didn’t work as well as last week. Episode. Probably, but not really. And we’ll come to those reasons again soon.

It seems that “The Orville” goes back to the past to improve. Last week we saw the launch of the Season 1 final of “Mad Idolatry: and this week, the beautiful international building” Orville “continues to bring back the story of a character called Teleya (Michaela McManus).

You may or do not remember, in the comedy episode Season 1, “Krill” (S01, E06), Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and Lt. Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) were sent on a secret mission to board the Krill ship and obtain a copy of the Bible, called Anhkana, to understand the Krill culture better.

This precious book is the basis for their superlative worship of the god Avis and gives them a sense of divine divinity, making peaceful coexistence with other forms useless. Or at least it is very challenging. In this episode, Mercer and Malloy are forced to kill a few Krill to escape, but they do everything they can to save Teleya and her class of young Krill children.

After their rescue, Teleya was taken over by the Planetary Union and was tortured. We read about this in Season 2’s episode “There Is Nothing in the World Without Fish” (S02, E04) when Mercer fell in love with a young lieutenant named Janel Tyler. While they are on their way to a romantic escape, their shuttlecraft is attacked and captured by the Krill destroyer. During his unfortunate arrest, Mercer discovers that Tyler is Telia.

After his flight back to the Krill area, he volunteered for the most painful surgery. He underwent micro-grafting to look human and deceive Orville’s bio-scanners because it would be holographic to hide all this. Krill’s secret mission was to board a Plane Union ship, especially the USS Orville.

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