The sixth episode of the second season of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero ‘was titled ‘Racing to Catch Up.’The series shows Naofumi and his party fighting Kyo Ethnina to kill the SpiritTortoise. Simultaneously, they are also accompanied by Therese, L’Arc, and Glass refuse to go with the Book Hero.

Rishia, however, continues to fight to keep him busy. Filo, along with Therese, L’Arc, and Glass, starts looking for the heart of the Spirit Tortoise. Fortunately, they find it soon. But meanwhile, the legendary monster was about to unleash a nasty attack using the souls it had collected. Fitoria realizes that if she dodges the attack, the city behind her will be destroyed. But fortunately, she needs not worry about making the tough call because a shield of multi-caster ritual magic forms over the Spirit Tortoise.

While struggling with the potent attack made by the legendary monster, it gives Fitoria the space that she was desperately looking for. She wastes no time attacking the neck while Therese, L’Arc, and Glass, along with Filo, destroy the heart. To their misfortune, that wasn’t enough to kill the monster as Kyo has already built a countermeasure through which he has protected the core of the Spirit Tortoise.

When the shield hero tries using his powers to release a fatal blow to the core, he can’t do it. However, Ost, who has given him the powers of the Spirit Tortoise, tells him to try again, and suddenly, his shield gets transformed. Before he could think, it destroyed the core and killed the Spirit Tortoise. Ost, who has always been on Naofumi’s, dies with it as she predicted. However, Kyo was prepared for the worst-case scenario and thereby was able to run away with the spirits that he gathered.

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