William Romoser, Entomologist of Ohio University, claims that he has found evidence of life on Mars. The Entomologist says that he has spent years on this research and then publically released photos that were taken by Mars rovers. According to the pictures and the scientist claim, it shows that the fossilized that looks a lot like an insect; they were also living one’s. As per the research, the scientist found evidence of microbial life on Mars.

About the research and the evidence

St. Louis, Entomological Society of America conference this week, Entomologist William Romoser presented an analysis with some evidence claiming life on Mars. The Ohio University professor said he spotted insect-like and reptile-like forms on Mars. On Tuesday, a press release was issued by Ohio University on Romoser’s research. In the press release, the university shared a picture that shows evidence of life on Mars.

As per the Entomologist William Romoser, the NASA rover image of Mars shows snake-like and insect-like prey with a claim that there is life on Mars. Romoser presented a series of annotated images that were captured by NASA Mars rover as evidence of the fact which he claims. The images that were present bit blur, but as per Romoser suggestion, the picture shows fossilized and extant forms of life. The fossilized, as well as living, included a reptilian creature preying on an insect-like animal.

There is a long history of exploration by NASA Mars rovers, but there is no evidence of the current life. Now NASA has not provided any confirmation about the Entomological William claims. Surely, there is life on Mars, but the scientist does not have proper evidence. Maybe next year, Mars 2020 rover launch could answer the professor’s claim with a piece of appropriate evidence from the start.


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