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A recent study on Stentor Roeselii (Blob) reveals that the single-celled organism changes the mind and can stay away from the irritating substance. That means this tiny organism can make some complicated decisions. 

About The Finding

Many years ago, Herbert Spencer Jennings, an American Zoologist, conducted a test on a trumped- shaped organism. The name is Stentor Roeselii. When he put some irritating powder made of carmine, the microorganisms show some wired behavior. They immediately responded and showed a predictable pattern. The zoologist wrote about this in this finding, published in 1906.

Organism Behavior

As per the findings, to stay away from the powder, the first bend the body around the carmine powder. But it that doesn’t work, they change the movement of the projections which help then to move and feed, to clear out the dust. They push the particle away from them. However, if this still doesn’t work, then they attach around the point of attachment and will start to feed. In the end, if all the methods failed, they detach and swim away from the surface. 

However, some other scientific experiments failed to prove this. But, some researchers from Harvard University, re-created the experiment. Jeremy Gunawardena, the senior author, said that the study was entirely off the books. 

The team ordered the specimens from England and observed the behavior Stentor Roeselii using a powerful microscope. The scientists performed the exact process. When they exposed them to the carmine powder, they started to stay away from it. They showed the same behavior that Hebert Jennings informed. 

The Outcome of Stentor Roeselii

The researchers informed that Stentor Roeselii always prefers to bend or change their direction of the cilia before detaching from the surface. First, they go for simple things. But if stimulated, they can go for some complex decision. 

The new findings can assist in various researches related to cancer. The researchers are now studying more about Stentor Roeselii. 

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