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Stoppage of WhatsApp

There will be a Stoppage of WhatsApp from January 1 on some mobile phones.

If the customers are using an old Android version or the old IOS in their phones then they haven’t to worry about the changes in WhatsApp as they could easily upgrade the version of the Android and iPhones in their mobile phones.

WhatsApp has declared that it will not work in the old versions of android and the ios and that will be Android version 4.0.3 and the other will be ios 4. In both of these versions, WhatsApp will stop working from January 1 but if the customers upgrade the version of the android and the ios then they might not face the problem otherwise they have to change the phone.

Here are the steps that how one should upgrade the version of Android in their mobiles:-

1. Go To Settings
2. Then go to the menu
3. The go to About Phone
4. check the version

If the version is outdated then you should go to the nearest center and upgrade the phone and the WhatsApp is working from the version of jelly bean which was launches in 2011 and after that. Before that, all the versions are not supported by WhatsApp.

In the IOS the WhatsApp will stop working in the old versions i.e. before IOS 9 and the version after that i.e. from IOS 9 it will be supported and the further versions.

Mainly in the iPhones having IOS 8 versions then WhatsApp will stop working in those devices. Also if the customers are using iPhone 4 or lower then they should change the phone or they have to face bad luck.

Moreover, there is an advantage for the Jio phone users as WhatsApp has declared that WhatsApp will not stop working on the Jio phone 1 and 2 so the Jio users need not worry about the Headline.

WhatsApp has declared that it will update the terms of service from Feb 2021. The service would likey to come from Feb 8. WhatsApp will declare the things about how WhatsApp will work and the privacy policy of WhatsApp. Moreover, it will focus only on two things i.e. how WhatsApp will use the Facebook hosting services in order to save the data and chat of WhatsApp.

However, the users will have to update or follow the WhatsApp terms and services and if the user doesn’t follow the same then they could uninstall the WhatsApp from the mobile phone and no other choice is there for them.

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