Nat Martello-White is the writer and director of the British thriller The Strays. The movie centers on Neve, an upper-middle-class African-American lady who leads a beautiful life with her husband and two children in a largely white neighborhood. Nevertheless, Neve’s luxurious lifestyle starts to fall apart as soon as two strangers move into the area, and she starts to feel the effects of her troublesome past.

As it’s the latest movie everyone is enjoying and talking about, we highly suggest you go and watch it. You might be curious about the music if you’ve already seen the movie. The movie features many excellent music, and we know how challenging it may be to identify the songs’ authors and singers.

Full Soundtrack of ‘The Strays’

The complete list of songs featured in The Strays is listed below.

  • “Madama Butterfly (1904 version): Act I: E Soffitto … E Pareti” by Gunter Neuhold (conductor), Uwe Eikotter, Bruce Rankin, and Bremen Philharmonic State Orchestra.
  • “Violin Sonata No. 9, OP. 47, “Kreutzer”: III. Finale: Presto” by Takako Nishizaki & Jeno Jando
  • “Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, OP. 46: I. Morning Mood” by Stephen Gunzenhauser (conductor) and CSSR State Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • “Chan Chan” by Compay Segundo
  • “Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, OP. 46:3 Anitra’s Dance” by Stephen Gunzenhauser (conductor) and CSSR State Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • “Jesu Maria” by John Henry Newman
  • “Element” by Izaiah JAE
  • “Talkin’ The Hardest” by Giggs
  • “Brainfreeze” by XVOTO
  • “Forsaken” by Forlorn
  • “Sign Of The Judgement” by The McIntosh County Shouters
  • “If You’re Not White You’re Black” by Lord Kitchener 

You can watch ‘The Strays’ exclusively streaming on Netflix.

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