On Tuesday the golden state warriors superstar Stephen Curry has affected the Olympic Team candidacy after the dismantling of Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs.

Moreover, Stephen Curry has also expressed his views about the 2020 Olympics, also the quadrennial has also shifted to the rescheduling of the Olympics 2021. Moreover, Popovich is going to set the lines for the man of the team USA. Steve Kerr will be appointed as his assistant. Moreover, after seeing, the victory of the warriors by 114-91 the Coach Pop has changed his mind or the game.

After the winning of the Dubs, Kerr said that jokingly that he would not be adding Steph for the future Team USA after the embarrassment of him by the Kerr.

The main conversation that took place was that:-

“He told me after the game that he had been considering Steph for the Olympic team, but he said after the way Steph embarrassed him tonight he’s no longer in consideration,”

Besides this, it is also difficult to understand the lines said by Gregg Popovich to the Kerr’s. In the game, Stephen curry exploded the defender by 20 points by the lead of the 11-20 shooting in the game and this is the only player in the whole league to score 20 points to win the game.

Moreover, there were 4 rebounds and two assists that are to be recorded in order to help the Golden State by 24 points at one time.

The last performance of the spurs was very worst against the warriors as the score was around 105-100 and while curry scored around 32 points in the said showdown and was also able to offensively behind the DeMar DeRozan and Dejounte Murray.

The coach pop might be in doubt for appointing the steps in the Olympics 2021 and as per Kerr, all the shooter is clearly having one of the best seasons of his career in an individual standpoint.

That’s all was the article about the talk about the Gregg Popovich And Steve Kerr

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