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The recently released Netflix movie is rising in controversy. It is based on actual events of a conman putting three women in debt and claiming himself as the heir of the billion-dollar company LLD Diamonds.

It is rising as a question among the audience about the actual existence of the company. To answer that, LLD Diamonds does exist in reality, with its headquarters set in New York. The company has been run for 26 years by its founder named, Lev Leviev. But the company and its founder became a center of a very serious online fraud story.

It all started in 2017, when an Israeli Conman, Shimon Hayut, changed his legal name to Simon Leviev when he fled Israel to run from the charges and sentence for fraud. The story started shaping when he began traveling Europe, making a new profile on fuel with his fake name as the son and heir of Russian-Israeli businessman Lev Leviev, the king of diamonds. Hayut started gaining the interest and trust of women with his fake online persona. He was gaining their trust by treating them to a lavish life with the money of his previous cons for several months after he began to ask for money from these women he met through tinder. He left the women in big debts as soon as he got money.

As portrayed in “The Tinder Swindler,” his conning schemes were so successful because he gave women fake trust that he was rich and would be able to repay them. He used a fake life-threatening urgency to get money from the victims. Women who were victims of this conning scam have come forward have started a GoFundMe page to get off the loading debts.

The company has come forward to clear the inevitable linking of them to “The Tinder Swindler” and confirmed that claims made by Shimon Hayut are invalid. A spokesperson from LLD Diamonds also Confirmed that Hayut has nothing to do with their company, and he sympathized with the women involved. LLD Diamonds also filed a complaint with the Israeli police, and they expect that the conman with be served what he deserves.

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