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Hollywood tends to rock the lives of its fans by airing the rumors of classic linkups amongst the top celebs that hold millions of hearts. Even in 2021, while the world is still suffering from the severe shocks of coronavirus, the Hollywood industry has done its best to bring joy to the lives of not only the celebs but their fans as well by providing inside information about their hot and sizzling scandals.

Hence, here are Top 5 rumored linkups that shook the fans across the globe.

1. Tom Holland & Zendaya

This alleged linkup brought smiles to millions of marvel fans’ faces as the couple was caught kissing in a car. After witnessing their tremendous chemistry on screen, the couple finally provided relief to those who had been rooting for this get-together since the first Spider-Man movie hit the big screens.

2. Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

This couple provided us with classic fond memories of Ross & Rachel by rekindling their relationship and declaring it officially on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram handle on the actress’s 52nd birthday. This reunion among the loving couple blossomed hope in many who had witnessed their love for each other through social media platforms.

3. Adele & Rich Paul

2021 turned out to be an eventful year for the well-known singer Adele. Following her divorce from Simon Konecki, the pop singer found her new beginning with a sports star Rich Paul. The couple was spotted in the limelight for the very first time on July 17, where Adele was found cheering for her boyfriend’s friend Chris Paul. The rumor of their linkup was confirmed the same night, the couple was pronounced official by Page six on July 20.

4. Kat Dennings & Andrew WK

2021 had brought many surprises, and one of them was the surprise of finding this adorable couple revealing their relationship in May. This duo turned out to be one we would have never predicted but now can’t get enough of. The fans were once again given a pleasant surprise when after just a week of revealing their relationship, they posted their engagement.

The engagement was revealed by the two broke girl’s fame found actresses as she posted three beautiful pictures of her Instagram handle while captioning them with “Don’t mind if I do.” What made this revelation even more Adorable was the gif posted by the actor of himself pumping his fists in excitement.

5. Rita Ora & Taika Waititi

2021 turned out to be a rollercoaster for pop singers as another well-known singer was rumored to be in a relationship with the director of Jojo Rabbit, Taika Waititi. The couple had done everything to avoid the red carpet of Drag Race Down Under. The rumors of their romance reached the fans as the fire among the couple was spotted from a mile ahead.

2021 brought many more couples together, and Hollywood sizzled under the heat of much spicier “will they, won’t they ?” rumors. With this, 2021 finally ended, promising many happy relationships in its path.

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