The value of the UK video game market continued to grow in 2021 and increased by 2% from 2020 to a record high of £ 7.16 billion.

According to industry group UKIE, 4,444 British players spent last year than they did during the blockade.

Sales of the console, including the coveted PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, resulted in £ 1.13 billion in sales.

Revenue from UK games has grown steadily over the past few years. The latest figures show a 32% increase compared to 2019.

Considering the game in the epidemic, entertainment has come to be offered indoors while stuck indoors, and no surprise that the market was shrunk after the restriction was released. % Jump It is still increasing at £ 7 billion, £ 7 billion, £ 7 billion, from 2019 to 53.5 billion pounds.

The recent annual assessment of Game sales in the United Kingdom is not only issued but also this money is not suggested.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Since sales of X / S / S console sales have been recorded in the United Kingdom, United Kingdom, despite consistent publications concerns. It is challenging to take a new console with a global chip defect, and the number of machines to make a store is limited. Thanks to these releases and new Nintendo switches last year, they have met the market.

It can be assumed that this trend continues for next year’s next year, with relaxing and signing issues for the latest generation console.

Game makers may be essential to increase the amount spent by playing themselves despite increasing overall sales. Release purchase revenue was down 6% compared to 2020.

One of the criticisms of the new console is the lack of games for the latest technology. Developers want this to be the reason for the slowdown in software sales, not a more radical change in consumer behavior. Big titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Starfield, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy were released in 2022. The industry is ready to increase game sales over the next year significantly. Mobile games were the only software sales that did not decline. They maintained their 2020 levels and were again worth £ 1.46 billion. Virtual reality fans have seen a significant increase in VR hardware sales after

VR hardware has been welcomed as a next-generation game for some time but has not yet been broken through to compete with more traditional media formats. You will be pleased with what you have done. In 2021, it went from 41.9% to £ 183 million.

Headsets increased in the year when Facebook changed its brand name to Meta and focused heavily on VR technology and its applications in Metaverse.

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