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The whole world is anticipating a realistic conclusion from the ongoing global climate summit in Spain’s capital city. 

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, asked all the countries to stop the war against the environment, during his speech in the summit. He also addressed the need for political will for a successful fight against climate change. 

The world suffered from multiple major environmental crises in one year, such as frequent wildfires and floods. Therefore, the summit is under tremendous pressure to implement the mandate decided in the 2015 Paris agreement.

Renewable Energy: Need of the Hour

The Secretary-General advised to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy, such as coal and petroleum and encouraged to use more renewable energy sources. Guterres also emphasized the increasing emission of greenhouse gases. He revealed that the burning of fossil fuels is the primary source of CO2 emission. The Paris Climate Agreement resolved to limit the emission of greenhouse gases to reduce the temperature rise between 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, but not properly implemented yet. 

Antonio Guterres claimed that the lack of political will is responsible for the failure in implementation, as many countries failed to implement the agreement successfully. Previously, President Donald Trump decides to pull out the United States from the agreement. According to the agreement, seventy countries across the world agreed to reach climate neutrality by the end of 2050. But, Antonio Guterres reveals that these steps are not enough to fight against climate change. He asked the significant emitters to step forward and help the global community, indicating the United States. 

Antonio Guterres also stressed on the controversial article 6. He revealed that the purpose of the meeting is to decide about the implementation of the treaty, not to find excuses about how not to join. The summit is looking forward to implementing the Pris Climate Treaty on the ground level.

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