The upcoming New MacBook 14 and 16 inches

Apple launched the new MacBook in November 2020 with the new M1 chip but Apple didn’t launch the 14 and 16 inches MacBook. Apple is planning to launch the new MacBook with the M1 Chip of 14 and 16 inches in the year 2021. And one thing is confirmed that the new MacBook will definitely have a change in the design and the ports also.

Moreover, as talking about the design may the company design the new like the old one with the new updated features and the old ports and the old keys of the keyboard as a large no. of users didn’t like the new keys of the MacBook keyboard. Apple may introduce a new version of the mag safe and the physical functions keys.

Firstly the design of the new MacBook

Apple’s new MacBook will definitely be going to replace the old 13.3 inches MacBook with the new 14 inches and the old 16 inches with the new 16 inches MacBook.

Moreover, form the revamped MacBook which is 14 inches is likely to be similar to the 13 inches MacBook with the increase in display size that is coming largely from a reduction in the top and in the side bezels of the machine.

The possibility is that there might be a slight rise in the physical size of the MacBook because when the apple shifted from 14 inches to 16 inches then also there was an increase in the physical size and now the Apple is shifting from 16 inches to 16.5 inches so the physical size is expected to be changed.


Now we come to the ports of the New MacBook. As the rumors suggest that the company may be introducing the additional ports to the new MacBook because the size is big so more ports will look comfortable in the new MacBook. However, the company launched the last list of ports in the old models, and from the 2016 models, the company started removing the ports one by one. Earlier, the company has the MagSafe ports with the 3 USB ports, and now in the 2020 model the company introduced only two ports that are the charging and the headphones and no other port is available.

Now we come to the MagSafe port

The audience and most of the users are expecting a time that the company this time will introduce a MagSafe port. As the MagSafe port is the best port used for the charging as it keeps the port and the charging cable safe and doesn’t get damaged easily. Moreover, the cable keeps the MacBook different from the other devices.

Now we come to the point of the touch bar

As of now the sources surely claim that there will be a no-touch bar in the New MacBook. The new Touch-Bar will be replaced against the physical Keys.

Now we come to the processor of the new MacBook that is said to be M1 chip and not other and now Apple has stopped the usage of the Intel chips and in the new MacBooks, the Apple’s new silicon chip will be introduced.

The launch date of the MacBook is expected to be around a quarter of the year 2021.

That’s all was the article about the new MacBook of 14 and 16 Inches.

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