Supernatural is a top-rated dark fantasy drama that follows the journey of two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings. The show debuted on September 13, 2005, and concluded on November 19, 2020, with fifteen seasons.

Throughout its run of 327 episodes, Supernatural can garner a dedicated fanbase. The fandoms are still active online, and many have written fanfiction stories about the show, ranging from Wincest to Destiel to various other character pairings.

In June 2021, it was disclosed that a prequel series titled The Winchesters would be part of this Universe. The show will feature Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary, and will focus on their journey. The series is executive produced by Jensen Ackles, his wife Danneel Ackles, and Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson. The show will be narrated by Ackles, who will be reprising his role as Dean Winchester.

We expect to see the beginning of Mary and John’s relationship, them falling in love, and them saving each other and the world at large. Since John and Mary are still young, John’s parents could also factor heavily into the prequel’s narrative; we already know John’s father died when John was a child, even though John believes he was abandoned.

Supernatural famed star Jensen Ackles is quite excited to come back on screen even though he would be only narrating this series. Fans have been eagerly waiting for updates regarding the series. In a recent interview with TVLine, Ackles shared his thoughts regarding this upcoming prequel. We can expect the show to offer us a wild ride from his statements. “If we connect dots with a simple, straight line, that’s not entertaining, that’s boring. If we connect those dots in a much crazier, wild, supernatural way, we’ve got a show.”

From this, we can assume to be part of another ride that will take us on a journey in a “wild Supernatural way.”

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