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The latest discovery suggests that a comet will cross by the sun on December 8. This is coming from another star system. The name of the comet is 2I/ Borisov. The scientists state that this is the first comet that is approaching from the interstellar space. However, astronomers speak it looks quite familiar. 

First Spotted In August

The new comet, Borisov, first identified in August by Gennady Borisov, an amateur astronomer. After that, without wasting much time, professionals started to follow up. They informed us that the comet was from the deep outer space. The experts say most of the comets of the solar system houses in Oort Cloud. This is located around 30 to 50 times farther from the sun. 

What Experts Say? 

A planetary astronomer from Queen’s University, Michele Bannister, said that the 2I/Borisov is just looking like a comet that the solar system has. However, the experts are now examining more about the comet. An astronomer, Ye Quanzhi, is trying to find out its origin. Ye Quanzhi and his team are currently studying different photos and tracing the comet’s trajectory. 

He says the Universe is quite big, and for now, the astronomers only can theorize the analysis. On the other side, Banister informs that the comet may come from another start in the solar system, located far away from the sun. 

How Comets Forms? Still Remains Unsolved

The real process of comet formation is a mystery. However, experts suggest they are formed around the stars. They formed under the same primordial environment, which supports the creation of asteroids and planets. 

Bannister says one can assume a comet as an ice ball. The start system can produce unlimited comets. Some turn into planets and some keep moving around. So, Borisov is one of them. No matter what is the origin of this comet, it has proved that there is a considerable commonality throughout the galaxy.

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