Eclipses are considered unlucky in Hindu mythology as well. Tantric practitioners believe that full moons, new moons, and solar and lunar eclipses are powerful paranormal events.

With the year’s first solar eclipse over, there is a total lunar eclipse coming our way on May 15-16th. Lunar eclipses, or as the ancient civilizations used to call them, -The blood moon, is one of the nice celestial spectacles to watch. Unlike a solar eclipse, special equipment is needed, and a lunar eclipse is safe to watch with the naked eye and quite enjoyable and romantic.

Lunar eclipses always happen during full moons. Full moons occur when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun — the sun then illuminates the entire face of the moon as seen from the perspective of Earth. Because the moon’s orbit is tilted about 5 degrees compared to the Earth’s orbit, the moon usually avoids the Earth’s shadow; a lunar eclipse occurs when it doesn’t.

A total eclipse will include both penumbral and partial phases as the moon makes its way into the umbra. The upcoming lunar eclipse on May 15–16 will be a total lunar eclipse, although some locations will miss stages while the sun is above the horizon.

During total lunar eclipses, the moon often appears blood red. This is because light from the sun refracts around the Earth as if the planet were a prism; the light waves are stretched out, so they appear on the redder side of the spectrum when they reach the moon.

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