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Netflix is one of the most active streaming platforms, but so many platforms like Amazon Prime, etc., can’t supersede Netflix.

Let’s get started with the new five best movies and web series coming so far in the February month of Netflix.

  • The Adam project (2022)- was produced by: David elision, Dana Goldberg, Shawn levy, Ryan Reynolds. A story of Adam travels in the back of the past and gets to know about his history while exploring his history; he gets to know about his past mistakes and starts correcting them to save his future. The film is not released yet but is set to be released on 11 March 2022

  • Twenty-Five Twenty-one A inspirational Korean drama series. It’s a story about a girl who wishes to become big one day and succeed in life, but her dream in her ambition starts fading away. One day she met with a boy who wanted to start his life with a new era And what’s going to be next we have to see in this series. This series is not available in English, but we can see it with English subtitles.

  • Devotion, Another Netflix Drama and romantic category movie devotion – The story of love and desire. The young couples start disliking each other to which they doubtful about their relation and new relation with new people start building, what’s going to be following when have to see this movie.

  • A.I. Love You – A Sci-Fi adventurous love movie. Its set to be released on 15 February 2022 only in English. This story is from the future. A building contains an AI system that is futuristic from the current time and advanced that decide on its own. AI system that gets affected by the love of a girl transfers himself in a boy’s mind and starts a romantic relationship between an AI and a girl. We can see some action too.

  • Jeen Yhus – An inspirational Kanye West documentary movie set to be released on 16 February 2022. It’s a story about 21 years old ago a boy met his new friend and started his journey to become a rapper in New York City. They have no idea about their decisions that they were going to be a superstar one day.

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