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Lord Kelvin, a known physicist in the 20th century, remarked about the zero possibility of further discoveries in the field of physics. He thought that human beings know all the mystery around the matter and universe; as a result, there was no scope for further discoveries. But, Lord Kelvin was wrong. Many theories and research papers addressed undiscovered principles of physics, latter in the century. Whenever humans thought that they know everything, the universe asks difficult questions. 

Even today, there are many unrevealed mysteries around the universe that human beings have no clue about the most. Humankind has to know more about the prospects of antimatter. Without knowing more about it, the dream to understand the basic rules of the universe will always remain a dream. 

According to the Big Bang hypothesis, the process created the same numbers of matters and antimatters. The hypothesis also claims that every matter has an antimatter counterpart. These antimatters are identical with their matter counterpart, but they carry opposite change than matters. When a matter and its antimatter meet with each other, they cancel each other. Therefore, all of their energy turned into light energy. But, what we are watching today, everything comes from matter, and even scientists are unsure about the properties carried by this antimatter. 

The Recent Development

The scientists’ community is excited about a recent development, which might help to decode the properties of antimatter. The construction of three large-scale colliders is underway for further experiments. Among the three, the major project is FCC. FCC is a big tunnel, having a length as high as 100km. The collider will help in smashing an electron and its antiparticle- Positron at very high speed, instead of Protons. The positrons and electrons are indivisible, unlike protons. Therefore, scientists could know the antimatter produced during the collision and can formulate their properties in the future.

If the development becomes a success, humans will able to know much more about the principle of the universe as a whole. 

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