July will be a month of dreams – or perhaps a month without dreams – for astrologers and astrologers. With Thunder Supermoon, two meteor showers, and a comet, there is so much you can see that there may not be time to sleep at night.

Thunder Supermoon is one of the few months to come this year, and it will rise on Wednesday, July 13, according to Accuweather. The supermoon occurs when the Moon’s position is closest to the Earth in its orbit.

It is Thunderstorms because the full Moon of July is also known as Thunderstorms, which are named after thunderstorms that are usually during the summer. According to Farmer’s Almanac, other names for July are Buck Moon, Salmon Moon, Berry Moon, and Halfway Summer Moon.

This month is also an excellent time to see the vast Com C C 2017 2017 K2, which will be very close to Earth on July 14.

Later this month, astronomers can expect two reversing meteor showers that occur between July 29 and 31, according to Accuweather. Storms will pass and rise less than 48 hours apart.

The peak of the Southern Delta Aquarids on the night of July 29 to July 30, followed by Alpha Capricornids on the night of July 30 to July 31, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS). However, both showers will operate overnight, resulting in 10 to 20 meteors per hour – about one star shooting every few minutes – in dark, cloudless areas.

Alpha Capricorn is known for its fireballs: incredibly bright meteors that can glide across each star in the sky for a few seconds.

During showers, meteors can appear at any time in the sky. The best way to watch it is to sleep and put as much sky on your list as possible.

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