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In a recent development, video sharing application TikTok recently apologized to a teen for blocking his account. The event came after the teen shared a video where he was criticizing the Chinese government and authorities for ugly treatment to Uighur Muslims. 

A 17 years teen named Feroza Aziz shared a video where she showcased the harsh conditions that the minority groups are facing in China. Within no time, the video got extremely popular on the platform. The video clip reportedly viewed by around 1.5 million users across the platform. But after several days of posting the video, the user could not access his account, and the video that she posted was removed from the platform, without any consultation with him. 

On Monday, the teenager, Feroza Aziz, tweeted about the suspension of his TikTok account. He claimed that the firm suspended his account for trying to spread awareness. On Wednesday, she further twitted about the incident and stated that the Chinese government is responsible for such action taken by the company. She claimed that the Chinese government does not want the ugly truth to come out. 

TikTok and It’s Bad Legacy

TikTok has a disreputation of blocking people who spoke against the Chinese government. ByteDance, a Beijing-based firm, is the parent company of TikTok. The firm also came under scanner for not showing anything related to ongoing Hong Kong protests. As a result, activists and critics accused the company of taking the side of the Chinese government. 

Previously, various international communities questioned China about its action against the minority community. The government is putting the Muslims in internment camps. 

Eric Han, the United States safety officer of TikTok, revealed that the teenager’s account previously linked with another account, which was banned in November. The authorities banned the account after the user posted a photo of Osama bin Laden. Post of a terrorist’s picture is a violation of terms and conditions set by the firm, Eric added. 

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