Tim Cook told A.R. fans, “stay tuned, and you’ll see what we have to offer,” In an interview with the state-run China Daily, Apple is working on augmented reality or A.R. products. It seems to be a direct clue that the company has been working on some headset that has been rumored for years – unless, of course, people think they’re going to get excited about using ARKit apps on their phones.

In the clip brought to our attention by 9to5Mac, the interviewer asks Cook what he thinks are the critical factors for an A.R. product to succeed. Cook responds by saying that despite being “in the very early stages” of its evolution, he “couldn’t be more excited” about A.R.

Cook has spoken about A.R. dozens of times during his tenure as Apple CEO, going so far as to say he’s the “number one” fan of the technology. He also acknowledged that A.R. is “a critically important part of Apple’s future,” When the company announced the AR API, Craig Federighi said the technology was a “profound” change. But while those comments made it clear that Apple was working in space, they weren’t promised that Apple would offer an A.R. device.

Apple is working on an A.R. headset, or even an augmented/virtual reality combination, have been swirling for years. It went through a turbulent design process from everything we gathered at the Time. Currently, the device is considered a standalone unit with the computer running the headset onboard. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the headset’s chip would be as powerful as those powering Macs.

Recent reports suggest that the headset is almost ready. According to Bloomberg, work on the operating system, called Reality O.S., has accelerated, and the board had to test the hardware last month.

Even so, Cook’s comment doesn’t have to prove that Apple’s headset is just around the corner. In March, Apple openly said an Apple Silicon Mac Pro announcement was coming. Many, myself included, were sure that this meant we would see him at WWDC in June. But the keynote came and went without showing off Apple’s top-of-the-line machine. I want to say that while Apple seems to be opening up a little about what products it has in the chamber, it keeps us guessing.

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