‘Time to Win: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’ ending brings the Los Angeles Lakers to the end of their 1979-80 NBA campaign. As the team faces the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA final, all eyes are on the Lakers, battling for their first title under new owner Jerry Buss. However, the Lakers are forced to play the final game without a key player. As their decisions were reviewed along with the tournament’s title online, the players offered everything on the field. But is it enough to crown them as conquerors? Let’s find out! Here is what happened in episode 10 of ‘Winning Time,’ entitled ‘The Promised Land.’

The NBA Finals’ sixth game kicks off, and everyone is amazed to see the Magic Play Center. He loses the opening tip to Caldwell Jones, who doubts his ability to play in this position. However, Magic quickly proves skeptics wrong and begins to accumulate points. The Lakers are leading and, despite the attacking play from the 76ers, can stay ahead. However, as the game progressed, the Lakers began to get tired. The 76ers are back and within just one point in the fourth quarter against their opponents. The game seems to be getting out of the hands of the Lakers.

With little bench power and starting players feeling tired, the Lakers are out of options. On the way out, Tired Magic was told by Pat Riley that he had lost the NBA Rookie of the Year award to Larry Bird for an astonishing amount. As a result, Magic re-enters the court with a new sense of motivation. With only 2 minutes left in the game, Magic once again changed the situation for the Lakers. He gets help from teammates Norm Nixon, Michael Cooper, and others as the pools completely surpass the 76ers. The Lakers won the game in the final 123-107 and were crowned the 1980 NBA Champions.

In the end, Jerry Buss and his team proved the naysayers wrong by winning the NBA tournament. While it’s time to celebrate, Magic, Buss, and Jerry West have their eyes set on winning other titles. With the Magic in the heart of everything the Lakers do on the court and the strong support team, it is clear that the Lakers will have great power in the long run. Thus, the conclusion not only marks the end of a prosperous era but also announces the beginning of a royal dynasty.

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