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Now as we all are in the time of the year in which the love is in the air and valentine’s week is also there. But the good news that comes in the air is that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are now all together and have also won a Super Bowl till now.

Gronk after celebrating the Disney world and after a few hours of sleep the man spoke to CNN’s Andy Scholes for the partnership with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice both the players who have till down gave a great performance for the most touchdowns in NFL playoff history.

He also said that “It’s pretty crazy, but that record needed to be broken for sure,” The opponent two said that “The record got broken in the Super Bowl. And it’s just unbelievable to have that connection with him.” He also said that “It has taken a lot of work, you know since I got in the league my rookie year just to be on the same page as him. And it just feels amazing, you know, to have that, to know that we got that trust in each other. And any time we hit the field that we’re ready to go.”

Moreover, both the players have lifted the trophies together at the New England Patriots and now the duo has also defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But still, the one question that arises in the mids of the department that till how long the duo will defeat the competitors and will win the match at every time. Moreover, this was the 7th victory of the duo in the history of the league.

Gronk also said that “Yeah, I don’t know, Tom’s probably going to go to like 55 years old if he could. I’m a year-to-year guy. I feel like Tom would sign another 50-year contract if he could, while I’m just doing one year at a time.”

Now after taking a break from the game Rob Gronkowski returned to the gameplay with the new team in April 2020 which was just before the pandemic.

Thar’s all was about the partnership of the returning player Gronkowski with the duo team player Joe Montana and Jerry Rice who are the players at their best.

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